Parts Repair/Harvesting

Cost Effective

At CLI we are keenly aware of the important of costs to our clients and ultimately for the products they stand behind for their customers.

Painting equipment

This is another key component to the services we provide and we boast years of experience to provide best services in the industry.

Part Harvesting

Our part harvesting and scrap retrieval services are another important service we offer to our clients to make their experience with CLI seamlessly.


We are competent!

When there are parts to be procured from products our staff will use them to help increase our clients’ profit margins. We can also harvest parts for scrap so as little as possible goes unused.


Offering extensive parts repair/harvesting services to help grow your business

Cost effective

CLI has always known the importance of returning as much financial gain as possible to our clients and doing it without adding costs is critical to this happening.

Painting equipment

Our state of the art painting stations guarantee that any products being refurbished are ready to go back into inventory with original high quality.


When products are not candidates for refurbishing or reworking we make sure we get as much value out of the product as possible during the scrapping process.


CLI also takes great care and knowledge with the repairs needed to get products back into inventory as effeciently as possible.