Sales/Customer Process

Service Center

Our customer service reps are always on call to handle the wide-ranging of unique needs.

RMA Management

This is an integral part of our customer service experience to give our clients peace of mind.

Warranty Service

This is another facet that our customer service team handles for our clients.


We are here to serve YOU!

Our customer service staff knows that our clients are the most important people in the room or on the phone and are trained to make every accomodation to their business needs.


Offering extensive sales/customer process experiences to focus grow your business

Expert listeners

If we aren’t good listeners we aren’t doing our jobs. We take this seriously from the first call to the last in any situation.

Prompt service

In CLI’s business we understand how important being on time is from our first interaction to shippments being made on time and any communication in between.

Results oriented

Our customer service experts have one ultimate goal. That is to work with our clients to help produce the results they are looking for and trying to exceed expecations instead of simply meeting them.


As soon as CLI enters into a partnership with a company, our customer service teams becomes part of their “team” working tirelessly in the interest of the client and their needs.